Research and Development

Research and Development Day at Howe Seed Farm

Howe Seed Farms rents out land for research and development to the following companies: Lima Grain Cereal - Coop (Wheat), American Crystal Sugar (Sugar Beets), and Anheuser Busch (Barley).

Two barley varieties were researched, Tradition and Innovation. The ND Crop Improvement Association and ND Seed Project are developing a new line called Stout. This is a new development, soon to be released and is currently going through the car lot test program. We hope to see this new barley line released this coming fall. Stout is a 6-row barley, semi-dwarf, and it is very high yielding. Here in the Red River Valley, this will be a great straight cutting barley, due to the fact that it is a semi-dwarf, shorter straw variety.

Lima Grain Cereal will be releasing hopefully one or six varieties this coming fall, dependent on the evaluation of what goes on in our nursery research.

ND Crop Improvement is releasing a wheat variety, Elgin, that will be grown on the farm as a seed increase. Elgin is a well adapted wheat variety across the state. It is a high yielding, high protein wheat. This summer, our customers will have an opportunity to see the variety to evaluate it themselves. Elgin will be distributed to the Cass County wheat grower.